Learn the bassoon, the savvy way.

What does it mean to be "savvy?" How does this apply to playing the bassoon?

To me, it means to have the knowledge and know-how to be the best musician possible.

The more you know, the better you'll become.

Anyone can become a savvy bassoonist. Whether you're just starting out, or if you're an advanced player, there is ALWAYS something to learn, at EVERY age and EVERY level.

Learning a woodwind instrument is a journey of discovery. To be our best, we must all strive to constantly learn and grow. That is what makes a savvy bassoonist.

This site has all the information you need on this journey. You will find:

  • Beginner Fundamentals
  • Practice Techniques
  • Reed-making Advice
  • Suggested Repertoire
  • Instrument History

Starting at the Beginning
Are you a beginning student? Check out my articles and videos on embouchure, instrument care, hand position, and breathing. I also have beginner exercises on the site. Parents, this is a good place for you to look for ideas!

How to Practice
Are you a more advanced student, looking for motivation and advice? I have some suggestions here for how to spruce up your practice routine. Learn to be more efficient and feel like a success every time you play!

What about those reeds? Click here to read about the basics of how they work, and for some suggestions on when I think you should start making your own.

I've compiled a list of important pieces of music. They are organized by type and by level. The list includes etudes, solo pieces, chamber music, and orchestral repertoire.

Are you curious about the history of the double reed family?
Come read about:

  • Dulcian
  • Tenoroon
  • Contrabassoon
  • French vs. German systems
  • And much more!

Stay a While!
As you navigate through the site, I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions and concerns. If you don't find something you're looking for, e-mail me! I am here to help you.

Click here for more about me and my contact information.

Bassoon for Beginners
Learn the basics of bassoon for beginners.
Bassoon Music
Recommended bassoon music for all levels. One bassoon teacher describes solo music, chamber music, orchestral music, etudes, and method books for bassoon.
Bassoon Reed Making
A guide to the stages of bassoon reed making.